Tumu Whakairo Rakau

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Te Puia - Rotorua - Bay of Plenty

Purpose of position

·        To provide leadership in the development and practices of Te Wananga Whakairo Rakau.

·        To manage all aspects including the day to day operations and the maintenance of tikanga Maori practices of Te Wananga Whakairo Rakau.

·        To teach and take responsibility for iwi/Maori techniques and to develop and maintain a learning environment which encourages the retention, and perpetuation of such techniques as well as innovative new ways to develop and utilise the techniques.

·        Collection and maintenance of appropriate resources for Te Wananga Whakairo Rakau.

·        Create, maintain and manage relationships with key stakeholders and in particular iwi Maori mai nga hau e wha.

·        Promote the maintenance and promotion of whakairo techniques and processes locally and internationally through involvement and engagements as approved by the GM NZMACI.

·        Develop and encourage whakaaro which ensures and maintains the integrity of the wananga practices.

·        Support the systems, development and operation of the Ahua Gallery.

·        Support and participate in the organisation’s international development programme.

·        Other duties as requested by the GM NZMACI which may be considered part of the total operation of the business.

·        Provide advice and expertise to the business on matters related to whakairo.

Person Specifications

·        Highly experienced whakairo rakau practitioner.

·        Minimum two years managerial experience. Ideally with an understanding of running and operating their own business in the same or similar profession.

·        Acknowledged and demonstrated tutorial abilities in whakairo.

·        Knowledge of Te Reo Maori me ona tikanga with an ability to conceptualise and apply these skills across NZMACI activities as appropriate.

·        Hard working, reliable, consistent and professional individual who views the kaupapa as core and who takes responsibility for direct outputs as well wider organisational strategies and targets.

·        Leadership qualities with a demonstrated ability to effect, influence and lead people.

·        A team player who revels in working with groups of people at all.

·        Proven communication (written and oral) skills and abilities.

·        Knowledge of traditional Maori material culture and origins.

·        Knowledge of Institutes history and legacies and its future activities and aspirations culturally and commercially.

·        Acknowledged by peers as highly skilled and respected in the field of whakairo

·        Sound knowledge of Microsoft Office and intermediate computer skills.

Job Description

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Applications close 03 May 2019