Animal Welfare Inspector

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SPCA - South Auckland - Auckland

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Inspectors play a vital role in the work of the SPCA. They are at the front line of the SPCA's mission to prevent cruelty to animals, but their role is also so much more than that.

SPCA Inspectors are called upon to work with communities to teach people how to look after their animals, to rescue abandoned or neglected animals, and provide hands-on treatment of animals where needed.

Because the SPCA is the only charity in New Zealand that can legally enforce the Animal Welfare Act 1999, our Inspectors also prosecute people who deliberately harm animals, and work with offenders to ensure that it does not happen again.

Do you have what it takes to be an SPCA Inspector?

Your strong work ethic, attitude and commitment are by far the most important factors when considering your suitability to become an SPCA Inspector.

Other qualities include:

  • Mature temperament, confident and able to make sound judgment calls
  • Ability to follow clear protocols and processes
  • Excellent information-gathering skills and the ability to record information accurately
  • The ability to work methodically, frequently dealing with multiple and sometimes conflicting priorities
  • Experience and/or basic knowledge of animals and their welfare needs
  • Being comfortable working in the community, with people of all ages and socio-economic backgrounds
  • A desire to make a difference to the lives of animals across New Zealand

If all of the above sounds like what you are looking for, then our Inspectorate Training Programme might be for you!

Our ground breaking 3 months’ internship programme will potentially offer you the ability to gain a NZQA recognised qualification, whilst training to become an SPCA Inspector.

This is a unique opportunity to get real hands on experience in the role and get taught by the best in the Industry, at the end of which you may be offered a role as an Inspector with the SPCA.

Three regional courses will be offered based in Christchurch, Wellington and Auckland respectively, although the classroom based training will be based in Auckland and Wellington for all interns and the ability to attend these week long block courses will therefore be mandatory. Please note that you may also need to find your own accommodation for these weeks.

What will you be doing?

Trainee Inspectors will participate in 3 modules over the three months programme. Each module comprises of a week’s classroom based learning and 3 weeks on the job learning, riding along with our experienced Inspectors. 

What does an SPCA Inspector's job involve?

An Inspector's primary role is to respond to complaints about the ill-treatment or neglect of a range of animals in the community.

There may be calls to emergency situations where animals require immediate assistance or rescue. Some instances may necessitate court action, so the Inspector is required to gather evidence and prepare a prosecution file.

Another significant part of an Inspector's duties is education. Often, animals are unintentionally neglected and those responsible are genuinely upset by the incident. In these cases, the Inspector can initiate change immediately through the provision of information and positive education.

Trainees will assist our Inspectors in all of the above tasks and gain some incredibly valuable real-world experience as a result.

The Internship is likely to start on the 8th July 2018 and is offered as a 3 months fixed-term training contract. Whilst there is no guarantee of ongoing work, the SPCA will assess all trainees at the end of the programme, and offer Animal Welfare Inspector permanent warranted roles to those candidates that meet our requirement.

We can only offer this internship to NZ/Australian Citizens or NZ Residents.

If this sounds like the role for you, then hit the APPLY button.

Applications close 9am on Monday 28th May 2018.

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