When it’s your business to keep the lights on and make sure New Zealand stays as clean and green as possible, it’s important to have a robust recruitment system you can trust.

Delta – which has its beginnings in the development of the Waipori Falls dam hydro power scheme in the early 1990s – maintains 11,221km of powerlines, runs Dunedin’s Green Island landfill to environmental green standards and is responsible for managing and maintaining parks, sports grounds and public areas around the South Island.

The company first approached QJumpers towards the end of 2014 after becoming dissatisfied with their recruitment system and realising that QJumpers could offer an applicant tracking system which would help their business grow.

Human Resources manager John Llewellyn says the decision was simple for him because he’d seen QJumpers in action when he worked at Otago Polytechnic.

“At the end of last year we had website we were using which wasn’t working well and had certain restrictions on how you could email the clients, basic interaction and the ability to get reports out of it,” John says.

“I already knew about QJumpers because I used to work at Otago Polytechnic and we put the system in there and it worked really well – it actually transformed our recruitment. So I got permission to do the same here. We built a business case and processed it last November and haven’t looked back.”

The benefits to a utilities company like Delta have been immediate. They have a staff of 586 which relies on a lot of seasonal work with an HR department of only 2.5 FTEs.

“Basically we’re a utilities, environmental electrical company – we run electrical networks in Dunedin and central Otago and because of nature of our game some of our work on the environmental side is seasonal,” John says.

“We always seem to be hiring and there’s a reasonable turnover of staff so there’s always a lot of recruitment activity going on.

“There’s only two-and-a-half of us doing HR – and the half is helping us with IT – so, with that number of people, we have to have pretty slick processes and we also need stuff which works well and we don’t have to keep on fixing.”

And 2015 has been a particularly busy period for Delta after they won an environmental contract to look after a third of the grounds, parks and public land in Christchurch. What’s more the contract had them pitted against another company to source new staff to fulfil the roles in an incredibly limited timeframe.

“We’ve had an extremely busy time with record recruitment this year and without QJumpers I don’t think we could have met the demands,” John says.

“One notable success was that we opened a new branch in Christchurch after we won an environmental contract up there which means we have around 3 million square metres of grass to mow every week.”

The three zones in Christchurch had been run previously by a company which didn’t retain any contracts this year, and the other two zones were won by a different company based out of Auckland.

The result was that the previous company had all the staff but no work to do and Delta had a lot of roles to fill in a short time – while competing for the best staff against another new company.

“We had to go out and get a whole team up there in around four weeks,” John says. “We had to compete very quickly to get the best people so having QJumpers on board enabled us to react really quickly and get some key people in and make very quick decisions on who were good hires. It enabled us to get in there and, we feel, get the pick of the people.

“There are certain hard-to-get people in our industry – for instance, line mechanics and electrical inspectors – but QJumpers is working well to help us find them.”

As well as giving Delta a competitive edge to be able to grow, John says QJumpers’ simple implementation has benefitted the company with demonstrable cost and time-savings.

“The implementation was basically seamless,” he says. “They came down and gave us a demonstration and the software is hosted offsite so you have no impact with your current IT platform.

“What we do now is we just get our managers in to train them when necessary and they can have access to the system if they want it. If the managers want HR to run it then we can look after it for them and do that fairly easily for them from here.

“The big difference for managers is that they’re able to perform their sift as the applicants are coming in rather than waiting for the end of the process and then being presented with 70-odd applicants.

“It has also majorly reduced our costs – our ability to put advertisements in Seek and Trade Me Jobs means we’re not using anywhere the paper press we were using last year so it has more than paid for itself in those costs alone.”

And now that QJumpers has proved itself to be a strong performer in its first year, John says Delta has been able to not only use its reporting system to help monitor Delta’s recruitment strategies, but also consider using more of QJumpers’ services.

“QJumpers provides a really good system. It’s really robust – it has not broken – and we’re starting to get some good and meaningful statistics out of it so we can show things like our time-to-hire. We can now certainly indicate volume at a moment’s notice.

“And we can keep an eye on all our campaigns as well and see the ones which are working instantly and the ones which aren’t as well and so can go back to managers.

“We certainly wouldn’t rule out getting external shortlisting or outside checking from QJumpers – we might do that just to see how it goes. But later on today, I’m going to order their contract writing service on the side and we’ll import that and hopefully it will fix our contract writing issues as well.”

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