Connect to jobseekers everywhere, and use our easy tools to manage your candidates

  • Post your job ad on QJumpers
  • Share it on social media, and with job seekers on your own website
  • Add your favourite job sites, eg Seek & TradeMe
  • Applicants from all sources are brought back into one online account to manage
  • View, manage and communicate with applicants using our Applicant Management System

Short on time?

We’ll find the candidates, screen them and bring you a shortlist of the best for only $1,650.

  • We’ll advertise your vacancy and manage the applicants
  • All candidate information will be reviewed, and we’ll telephone screen those suitable
  • You will be delivered with three of the best suited candidates
Candidate 1  

Candidate 2

Candidate 3  

Candidate 4  


Brands that trust QJumpers to deliver

What our satisfied customers say...

  We selected the Shortlist option with QJumpers and it has made our recruiting experience more efficient, enjoyable and hassle free. 
  QJumpers allowed for us to have some flexibility in the process in that we could complete a chunk of it for ourselves and in this instance it was what we wanted and we saved some money at the same time. 
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